miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

My Keyboard and Mouse Setup

This Keyboard IBM Manufactured by LexMark (1984) still works :P and I love the large wire it has.
However, it is heavy and makes a lot of noise when typing.

I do use this for repairing some computers and currently using it with my Pentium 4 machine running Windows 7. I know it is weird, a strange keyboard combination with a small laptop mouse. xD

And also some key letters dissapeared, it has double cap, one is like old typing machines and the letter as a cap covering the key.

I'm currently missing these letters:

ESC F4 F9 F10 PrtScr Pause 1 2 ' + } .

. and - at numeric pad

and the right Ctrl key was ripped off fully, only left the spring, which is very well attached.

Summary: Good old things lasts better than newer devices.

4 comentarios:

  1. :lol: I think you will win this for sure! :p

  2. Wilson writes:

    looks quite old, but I'm sure can fall down many times and still goes working... :)

  3. i also hav an older keyboard like this!, i'l post tomorrow :p

  4. Beautiful bullsheet:)))